was hacked

What happened?

Not sure if this was a real attack, if it is a real problem, if it is an "aggressive sales tactic" by my hosting provider to sell their support services, or whatever: still some wannabes managed to upload a potential backdoor to my system. You can do a search for "CryptoPHP" - the attack seemingly cought quite a few CMS installations, not just Wordpress, but Joomla and others as well. And NOT only users of "nulled" or otherwise pirated themes/plugins - my site was running just a handful of regular plugins and a free theme.

What will happen? Will deep-delta be back?

Maybe. Maybe not. Most likely yes. Eventually.

I am somewhat tired of this BS and will probably move to a different hosting provider who proactively deals with security issues instead of emailing their customers with "hey, you have a problem - do something about it..." When I have decided where my stuff will be hosted in the future I will bring back - too many people have sleeping trouble, and I have quite a few good tips and solutions for that.

...and to the "hackers"

Guys, you are faggots. As much as I respect REAL hackers, as much I despise little sluts like you who target small website owners and do so only for profit (or out of childish stupidity and vandalism). Go get a life.